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A few answers to questions that you may have:

QUESTION 1: Why do I need a reservation?
It guarantees you the date and time you planned on. Rather than walking in to find that we are booked solid and unable to accommodate you. Your required credit card will insure that we will be ready to officiate your ceremony as promised. We do have a cancellation policy.

QUESTION 2: Do you charge or require Pre Marital counseling?
No, we neither offer it, or suggest it. We are a civil wedding officiant.

QUESTION 3: Is there a cancellation fee after we sign the contract for your services?
In order to be fair, and not disappoint a bride once the contract is signed, we guarantee the couple we will be there at the prescribed time, once your date and time is set, we cannot and will not accept another brides request for the same time and date.

We do charge a cancellation fee, if 24 hours pass before you notify us you wish to cancel.

We will work with a bride if circumstances, such as deployment, accident or illness prevents them from marrying on their scheduled date. We have offered alternate dates in many instances for those who are effected by a delay.

QUESTION 4: What do I need before I can be married in the state of Virginia?

You need to obtain your marriage license. We do not provide them. A license for marriage in Virginia is issued by the clerk or his/her deputy clerk of a circuit court in any county or city in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

QUESTION 5: What are the marriage license requirements?
Answer: $30. Photo ID. No waiting period. No Witnesses. No residencey. no blood test. Marriage license is valid for 60 days from date of purchase.

QUESTION 6: Do you perform same sex marriages?

We were honored to perform the first one on the Peninsula when authorized in October of 2014. Yes, we do.

QUESTION 7: How many witnesses do I need?
No witnesses are needed.

QUESTION 8: How many guests can I bring for the Basic Elopement Pacakge?
There are no accommodations for guests utilizing the Basic Elopement Package.

QUESTION 9: How many guests can attend the Traditional Wedding ceremony in your Victorian Wedding Parlor?
Answer: 6.

QUESTION 10: Do you work offsite?
We are authorized to work and have worked throughout the commonwealth of Virginia at all venues. Prior to calling to reserve please have your date, time, location, number in wedding party and number of guests and type of ceremony you so desire.

QUESTION 11: Why the difference in your pricing?
Virginia law sets a fee of $50 for a basic wedding ceremony. Our "Elopement Package" meets this requirement. As of July 1, 2014, THE LAW WAS CHANGED, and now allows negotiated addtional fees for additional services such as rehearsals, processions, readings, ethnic tradtions, rental of facilities, etc.

QUESTION 12: What marriages are prohibited?

- A marriage entered into prior to the dissolution of an earlier marriage of one or both parties.
- A marriage between an ancestor and or descendant; or between a brother and a sister; or between an uncle and a niece; or between an aunt and a nephew; whether the relationship is by half or the whole blood or adoption.
- When either of the parties lacks capacity to consent to the marriage because of mental incapacity or infirmity.
- "Common Law" marriages are not valid if entered into in Virginia or any other jurisdiction, which does not permit them for its residents.

QUESTION 13: Age requirements and consent?
The minimum age at which a person may marry in Virginia shall be 18, unless a minor has been emancipated by court order. Upon application for a marriage license, an emancipated minor shall provide a certified copy of the order of emancipation.